Our commitment to Frankfurt Main Finance E.V.

fmf Since 1 January 2010 Steubing AG is now a regular member of Initiative Frankfurt Main Finance e.V. The finance industry, the state of Hesse, the city of Frankfurt as well as academic organisations and service providers have come together in this initiative in order to effectively position Frankfurt as a financial centre in national and international competition. The range of activities includes a presence at all important financial events in Frankfurt, cooperation with our Russian partner the Moscow financial centre and support for the monthly publication CFS-Finanzplatzindex..

“It is very much in the interest of us, the banks, as well as our service providers and partners that qualified staff and attractive business partners should want to come to Frankfurt. That is why we have amalgamated to form Frankfurt Main Finance, in order – over and beyond our own promotional work – to create a strong brand that stands for values such as sincerity, globalism and inclusive integration,” as Lutz Raettig, spokesman for the Presidency of Frankfurt Main Finance stated. Other members of the Presidency include Uwe Becker (Treasurer of the city of Frankfurt), Frank Gerstenschläger (Deutsche Börse AG), Herbert Hans Grüntker (Frankfurter Sparkasse), Lars Hille (DZ Bank), Hermann-Josef Lamberti (Deutsche Bank), Friedrich von Metzler, Hans-Joachim Tonnellier (Frankfurter Volksbank) and Wolfgang Hartmann (Chairman of the Management Board of the Institute of Risk Management and Regulation).